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Best nutrition plan and dog food for boxers

Dogs and humans have a deep relation, and people are adopting a dog in large number. Boxers are big breed dogs and most loyal to their owner and family. They also guard their house and family they live with.

What is the best diet for a boxer?

Many people do not know what best diet is for a boxer as puppy, adult and old boxer. Their diet is different according to their size and activities. As small puppies are in their growing age and they need more care and protein. At the age, they get an adult when they are two years old. They are supposed to eat schedule meals, not free meals. Free meals mean whenever you want you to feed them. Schedule meal means you set a time and feed them only at that time.


At the age of puppy

If your boxer is a puppy at the age of 6 months or less, then you must take a lot of care and give 6 to 10 small meals in a day. The growth of the boxer depends on the meals that you give them in the growing age. You get that right? Do not over feed that their stomach gets hurt. At the age when they get to 6 months or more, they are in growing age now, and they need more protein, carbs, and vitamins in this age.

At the age of 2 year

Boxers are supposed or considered adult when they are at the age of 2 years. You must start schedule meaning because they will not behave well if you still start feeding those free meals then they might not behave well and always demand food. You must set a time and give them food at that time. You must give a special amount of protein at least 60% and 30% vitamin and 10% carbs. Use this link to get more information on best dog food for boxers.

At the old age

When they get to 7 years, they are considered as an adult that they require small energy level, and they do not have that much activates. So must give them small notations and small food plans. You must take care of dogs at the age when they are 8 because they need more care and more attention. They cannot come to you to get attention, and they get sicker when you do not give them your attention.

Making meal at home

You can make chicken and beef meal for the dog which is fresh and healthier than the food that you purchase from the market or superstore. They are filled with fillers that do not have proteins or vitamins.

  • Take half pound meat, chicken or beef and boil it until the internal temperature of the beef reaches the 150 degree
  • Boil eggs and vegetables
  • Mix eggs, vegetables, and beef in a bowl and feed your

You must give them water when they run or jump or play with you, they get dehydrated and need water when they are playing.

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